What endless possibilities can be manifest from a few raw ingredients?
What's your thing?
  • Creative Writing?

  • Visual Art?

  • Or are you a little more crafty?

Welcome to Phoenix Heights

Welcome to Phoenix Heights!  If this is your first visit then you might want to know what Phoenix Heights is and what it hopes to achieve.

Phoenix Heights is a voluntary organisation run by people for people.  It attracts people who have a strong interest in artistic matters and like to get involved in making and producing visual art and craft items.  Phoenix Heights encourages working together on joint projects yet understands how important it is to recognise, contribute and maintain each persons individuality to give voice to their own expression of art and craft. 

Phoenix Heights gets people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities together in workshops and regular sessions to gain knowledge and experience and to practice new techniques.  They get to exchange information,  talk over issues and problems, lighten up, laugh it off and get back to enjoying all aspects of day to day life.

Phoenix Heights is not only for successful people - but for people who want to make a success of their lives through their art and craft.

Phoenix Heights organises training sessions and days for individuals, groups and organisations to nourish their creative side.  As we get to better appreciate ourself it naturally leads to a better appreciation of others. 

Phoenix Heights mounts public exhibitions of work produced and assists people with promotion and self development.

If you would like to talk further about any aspect of our work, please use our contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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